10 years of TerreAmare

In these 10 years, thanks to continuous interaction and accumulated experience, we have learned to understand the essence of our guests and what they expect from a holiday at TerreAmare. Those who come to TerreAmare seek relaxation, silence, but also the desire to be pampered, to feel that there is always someone ready to take care with the right discretion. Those who come here want to establish human relationships, to listen to the advice and stories of those who were born and have always lived in this land, they want to immerse themselves in nature without abandoning comfort and services. They want to eat well, to taste the many products that a generous territory has to offer and that we transform with care and refinement, because the eye also wants its share! Thanks to the many suggestions received over the years, we have tried to make TerreAmare an increasingly welcoming, comfortable, and tailored place for our guests.


He who stops is lost!

And we never stop, our challenge is to continue to amaze you so that you can find every year one more reason and incentive to come back to us! The swimming pool was born a few years ago, precisely to satisfy your desire to enjoy a getaway away from the world, to have a refuge from the chaos of the sea or a refreshment on too hot days.


We have sown with passion and now it is time to start reaping the fruits of what has been a team effort in these 10 years, among us, our families, our collaborators, and our guests. Starting from this reflection, a concrete project was born: the TerreAmare orchard. Right behind our pool, we have created an orchard with 10 rows, one for each year of TerreAmare, the orchard of all of us, composed of about 200 plants. With the desire that, walking among figs, prickly pears, almond trees, apple trees, pear trees, vines, apricot trees, and plum trees, you can pick your favorite fruits to enjoy them in the greenery or by the sea for a healthy snack.

We will then transform some of the fruits into fruit salads, cakes, and jams to make your breakfast even tastier or to allow you to take home, along with our oil, a bit of the flavor of TerreAmare.

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